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Raincover Compatible With I'Candy Pushchair Cherry Icandy Ventilated 142 New


250 micron thick PVC raincover compatable with the I'Candy Cherry range of pushchairs. very easily stored and able to put on and take off in a matter of moments.

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    •   Super Clear Visibility
    •   Top Quality PVC
    •   1 Year Warranty Included!

    First Glance

    Rain cover compatible with the I'Candy Cherry Ventilated pushchair. A lightweight, easy to store PVC cover for all weather conditions. The best and most useful pushchair accessory you will find on the market.

    Main Features

    The Rain cover has been designed to coincide with the quality of I'Candy products, being made to the highest standard, shielding your child from whatever conditions can be thrown at you.

    We use a high quality PVC as the material for our rain covers to provide a much safer layer of protection for your child. It has a thickness of 250 microns, which is much safer than the average 180 microns thick used for cheaper, less reliable or plastic rain covers. The extra thickness also helps with protecting your child from intense Sun and harmful UV rays that it gives off.

    Made to fit the I'Candy Cherry pushchair and is optimized for easy use and storage. The rain cover can be put on and taken off in a matter of seconds, with only a few Velcro straps around parts of the frame and a couple of hooks to keep it securely attached underneath. Once taken off, it can be stored very easily, taking up minimal space.

    Although it is a PVC rain cover, it has been produced to be resistant to the cold weather, meaning it will not crack in low temperatures, making it very sturdy but still flexible to add to the strength and durability of the cover. And is still crystal clear so your child can still see out perfectly.  

    The rain cover has openings in certain places to allow adequate ventilation to your child, allowing them to get fresh air while under the cover. These openings are in places that will not effect the integrity of the cover with either rain or wind.

    Important Information

    This cover requires the hood/sun shade to be fitted and up when in use.


    Please Note:
    This product is a FOR-YOUR-LITTLE-ONE branded product it has been expertly designed with our in house designers to be compatible with this item. We assure excellent quality and durability of use.

    More Information
    Amazon barcode 5057880017234
    Barcode 5057880017234
    Machine Washable Yes
    Manufacture For-Your-Little-One
    Condition New
    Material PVC
    Colour Clear
    Model OF Pushchair Hauck Capri
    Brand To Fit iCandy
    Weight Units KG

    iCandy is a registered trade mark of iCandy World Limited

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    Shelena G.

    Great rain cover quick delivery thankyou